Not sure if you're registered to vote?


What's this thing?

Samantha Bee wants to get you excited about the 2018 midterm elections in the best way possible: a daily trivia game with a cash prize of up to $5,000! And don’t worry, the game isn’t rigged; it’s for everyone! We don’t care if you’re Republican, Democrat, Green Party, or Gary Johnson, we just want you to get excited about voting.

Once per day, you’ll get the chance to answer 10 multiple choice questions about the midterms, current events and very important facts about democracy like in what 1980’s vampire movie Kiefer Sutherland played POTUS. Get every question right and you’ll win cash from the daily jackpot, split with the other winners (#winning)! Get every question wrong and you probably don’t know anything about the United States, so we’re glad you’re here.


How it works:

Join the game every day when you get a push notification—usually at 7pm EDT and 4pm PDT.

  • Answer 10 funny trivia questions while the clock counts down!

  • Win real cash by answering all 10 questions right.

  • Winners split the daily jackpot of $1K to $5K.

  • Got a question wrong? Embarrassing—but you can keep playing if you have extra lives.

  • Get extra lives by signing up for election reminders, inviting friends, and completing weekly challenges. If only a political comeback were that easy!

  • Why did Full Frontal make this game? To get people excited about the midterms, maybe even excited enough that they’ll go out and vote! America's typical midterm election turnout SUCKS and we are 100% certain this game will solve everything. We want America to learn facts, register to vote, and get involved in the U.S. election process. Isn’t that beautiful? Don’t answer. We know it is.

  • All civic-minded people are required by law to play the game for a chance to win a cash prize. Non-civic-minded people are also encouraged to play. See you in the game!



Gamify the Midterms: Can We Reward You For Voting?  
Most Americans didn't vote in 2016. What can convince them if not the general dissolution of the entire world politic? How about a cleanly designed app that pays you money? Hopefully it's that, because that's what we made for you.

Gamify the Midterms: Can We Make A Good App?   
After feedback from Lesbians Who Tech, our interns, and our fans, we can definitively say we have the best appointment-based, civic-tech, comedy trivia game app hosted by Samantha Bee to ever exist! Produced by Razan Ghalayini with Ishan Thakore, Annie Kopp, and Adam Howard. Edited by Jesse Coane. 

Sam Explains How to Play

Sam Consults the Oracle