How do I play?

On your phone!

Ugh. No, I mean what are the rules of the game?

Oh! Sorry. It’s easy. Open the app when the game is about to start and tap the screen to choose an answer! It’s like school, but nobody’s trying to fight me in the bathroom.

How do I win?

If you make it to the end of a game, either by answering all the questions correctly or using your extra lives, you’ll split the daily prize money with everyone else who won that day. And you’ll know that you won a video game, therefore adding true meaning to your life.

Grr. I’m stuck. Is there someone I can e-mail?

Yes, you can e-mail us at: thisisnotagame@promos.tbs.com. Make sure to tell us what type of phone you have and what operating system it’s running.

What is Dead Mode?

If you get a question wrong, you are no longer eligible to win that day’s cash prize, but you can keep playing in Dead Mode! Getting ten correct answers in Dead Mode earns you an extra life for future games.

Show me a ghost who is that productive. Actually, don’t show me any ghosts.

How do I use my Extra Lives?

An Extra Life is automatically used during any game where you get a question wrong but it can’t be used on the final question. It also can’t bring back long lost loved ones - they just don’t come back the same.

How do I earn more Extra Lives?

You earn Extra Lives in multiple ways:

  • Completing bonus challenges such as signing up for voting reminders.

  • Inviting friends to play the game — they enter your referral code when they sign up.

  • Answering questions correctly while in Dead Mode.

  • Exercising, eating right, and doing you (applies to real life but not the game).

Why haven’t I gotten my Extra Lives yet?

When signing up for voting reminders, it can take up to 48 hours before your Extra Lives appear in your account. Good things come to those who wait 48 hours.

How do I cash out?

After you win, enter your PayPal email and hit the button to “Cash Out.” Your winnings will be transferred to your account on Wednesdays! It might take a week for your winnings to hit your account #sorrynotsorry.

Can I play if I’m not currently in America?

Where else is there? Also, no. We’re sorry. But we do love you, supposed “rest of the world.

What if I don’t agree with you politically?

That’s okay! We’re hoping to encourage voter engagement. You have to take your own journey, or something man.

Where can I go to find out more information about elections in my area?

 I’m still confused. Help?!

For full rules, terms go to https://tbs.com/tinag/official-rules. Magnifying glass not included.